Let go of your EGO And you will find GOD

Atman in Ravi
4 min readAug 24, 2020


For God do we all search
In temple, mosque, and church
Little do we know that the ego does hide
That very God that lives inside

We must let go of the ego
If God we must find
And for this, we must realize
The biggest enemy is the mind

But first, it is the ego
That keeps saying ‘I’ and ‘me’
It dominates our life so much
That God we cannot see

God is not on a faraway planet
Nor an old man with a long white beard
God lives in the temple of our heart
Alas, his voice is not heard

The ego makes us deaf and blind
It stops us from the truth
And makes us pray to a statue and a saint
And a God with a snake and a flute

What does the ego do in fact?
It creates duality
It makes God different from us
And the truth we cannot see

The world has hundreds of religions
And thousands of Gods to whom we pray
The fact is we don’t know who God is
And we don’t even know what we say

As long as the ego dominates our life
Between God and us, it creates a veil
And though God is right here and now
To realize God, we fail

Because the ego causes ignorance
The truth we cannot see
We believe in the myth and superstition
And just be who we are told to be

The ego is my identity
The ego says, ‘This is me’
Because I keep saying ‘My’ and ‘Mine’
The God within, I don’t see

The ego makes me suffer
Triple suffering with body and mind
It is the ego that makes me cry
With miseries of a different kind

‘How dare you did not do it!’
This anger, revenge, and hate
It’s the ego that makes us go around
And stops us from heaven’s gate

Who is, where is, what is God?
The ego makes us juggle so much
It makes us search here and there
As our God, it tries to touch

But God, in reality, is within
God has no bone, nor skin
God is a Power that gives us life
In the trillions of cells within

What is birth, what is death?
Why did we come to earth?
God is the one that makes us live
God gives us the human birth

Without God, what are we?
Without the Soul, we are nothing
The body, in the end, returns to dust
It is God that is everything

Unless we go in search for the truth
Unless we start our quest
We will just believe the myth
And fail if we don’t question and test

Life is like a spiritual puzzle
The pieces we must find
We must put together who we are
And not live like we are blind

The truth is simple, but we don’t see it
After death, there is rebirth
It is our own actions, our Karma
That brings us back to earth

The Soul is a Power in us,
With the body and mind, just a part
The Mind and Ego is the one reborn
When God in us departs

But we do not realize this truth
Because the ego says, ‘It’s me’
The Soul, the God that is within
The blind ego does not see

The ego is always looking out
With the senses and the mind
It does not realize the self, that’s us
Being a prisoner of the mind

We are not body, we are not mind
The truth is we are the Soul
Self-realization is the first step
That takes us to this goal

When ‘we’ realize, not body and mind
We are the Power that’s the Soul
We also realize the God in all
That manifests as the whole

What stops us from such Realization?
What stops us from Liberation?
It is the ego that stops us from God A
nd from Divine Unification

Man minus Ego is God
If we remove the Ego, we will find
God plus Ego is Man
With Body, Ego, and Mind

So, we must let go of the ego
If God we must find
For as long as we think we are ‘ME’
The journey we will rewind

God actually lives within us
His silent voice we do not hear
Because the ego and the mind
Make us live with a deaf ear

They make us live in this world and suffer
Believing all this is real
They hide the God that is within us
As in the world we twirl

God is not far away, God is near
God is in you and me
But as long as we believe we are the ego
God we cannot see

The very God we are looking for
Is right inside our heart
But the ego that is screaming day and night
Tears the truth apart

We just live and we just die
And God do we all seek
It is the ego that stops our climb
From scaling the spiritual peak

What is our life’s ultimate goal?
To realize we are the Soul
We are the very God we seek
Not the ego that plays its role

The ego that lives saying,‘It’s me’
Makes us go round and round
It stops us from finding God within
As it fixes us to the ground

The truth is this and nothing else
God lives in us within
Let us stop going in search outside
And go within our skin

What stops us from going within
It is the ego and the mind
Though God is very near in us
Our Lord we never find

God never leaves us even for a moment
God is with us all the time
But the ego is craving for this and that
And so God we do not find

It’s easy, all that we must do
Let go of the ego and mind
Then shining deep within
God we will find



Atman in Ravi

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