Four Doors to Liberation

What are these Four doors to Liberation?

The First door is ‘Discrimination’ — Using one’s intellect to discriminate between what is wrong and what is right. While it is very difficult to control our thoughts, we can modulate and filter them through our intellect. If we use this faculty of discrimination, we can abort thoughts before they become actions or filter them by reversing the actions that are the outcome of the thoughts. By using the gift of intellect, we can use our willpower, an instrument of choice, to choose our actions, thereby creating positive Karma for the future.

Who is truly liberated?

Not the one who earns good Karma but the one who transcends Karma? Not the one who just tries to use spiritual meditation to create emptiness in his life thinking that this will give spiritual awakening, but the one who is mindful of his mind. Liberation doesn’t just come from Yoga or being in Union with God, rather this mindfulness is required for transcending the mind and attaining self-realization. Only then, one will have spiritual growth which finally leads to spiritual enlightenment.



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