How can you get peace of mind?

Realize the Truth
3 min readNov 22, 2022


Peace! Don’t try to find! It is within…Just still your Mind! These words are key to understanding how we can be peaceful. Peace is already within us. By getting a control over our mind, we can rediscover it.

First, we must understand why we don’t have peace of mind. Why are we so stressed and agitated? What causes this misery? It is our own mind — the mind makes us feel stressed, anxious, fearful, agitated. It jumps from the past to the present and from thought to thought. What must we do so that it stops its monkey business? We have to kill the mind. To kill the mind, we have to still the mind. How do we still the mind? We have to observe it. We have to watch it, catch it and latch it. We must tame the ‘MONKEY MIND’ and bring down the number of thoughts it produces by bringing down the MTR, the Mental Thought Rate, from 50 thoughts a minute to 1 thought a minute. If we look at the word MONKEY, it has a tail, the EY. We have to cut the EY. The EY is Ever-Yelling and Ever-Yearning. When we tame the monkey mind, when we cut its tail, it becomes a MONK. Then, we experience peace. The mind stops its agitation. It stops yelling and demanding. Peace, we must understand, is the foundation of happiness.

It is in this state, when the mind ceases to exist, when we are without thoughts, that we are peaceful. It is in this state of ‘no mind’ that we reach the state of consciousness. In the state of consciousness, our intellect shines, and if we are a true seeker, we can also realize the truth about who we are; we can attain Enlightenment. When we realize our true self, that we are the Soul, a Spark Of Unique Life, we experience true peace and bliss, true well-being, the state of Satchitananda — a state of Divine Bliss attained when we live in consciousness of the truth.

Realization of the truth can open the doors to a state of complete well-being, of Divine peace and happiness. We suffer because we live in the darkness of ignorance. We are constantly chasing wealth, success and achievements. We let greed overtake our need. Why? We want to be an ace in this material race. We just follow the herd, trying to do what others are doing, trying to be better than everyone else. We think that all this will make us happy. On the contrary. Is it really worth it? No, of course not. We become anxious and miserable. We even compromise our values and ethics to grab as much as we can. Moreover, what is the point in accumulating so much wealth, so many things, when we have to leave everything behind! Nothing belongs to us. We come empty-handed and we go empty-handed. The sooner we realize this, the better it is. It will help us live with detachment. We must realize that this world is only an illusion. It’s a cosmic drama. We are just actors who come and go. When nothing is real, everything is a drama, then why do we take life so seriously? We must sit back and enjoy the show. Furthermore, we realize that everything that unfolds in life is because of Karma. As we sow, so shall we reap. If anything untoward happens in life, instead of becoming miserable, we must rejoice because our negative Karma is being negated.

Enlightenment reveals the truth about who we are. Not the body, mind and ego, we are the Soul, the Atman. We realize that God is not who we think God is, but a power, the Supreme Immortal Power, a power that is everywhere, in everything. We realize that only God is, there is nothing else. We realize that we are manifestations of the Divine. When we are enlightened with the truth, our paradigm of life changes. We attain a state of everlasting bliss, Divine love and eternal peace; we are one with the Divine and the world.