Realize the Truth

We must desire to know the Truth

The fact is we live in ignorance. Because we live in ignorance of the truth, thinking that we are this limited body and mind, we feel incomplete. This feeling of incompleteness in us creates a desire. This desire leads to action. And these actions create reactions of both joy and pain. We suffer because of our own karmas, the law of action. But if there was no desire, there would be no action. If there was completeness, there would be no desire. And the completeness only comes when we eradicate ignorance. How are we going to realize the truth? How are we going to know about the Creator whom we call God? How will we start the journey of self-realization? How will we achieve spiritual enlightenment? Spirituality is all about being spiritual — it is the study of the Spirit, the Soul, the Atman, the life energy within. Unfortunately, we are so busy that we have no time to study about our own life energy that gives us breath, and without which there is death. If only we can realize the truth that we are that life energy, then we would not have this incompleteness that creates cravings that lead to suffering due to action and reaction. It is not so complicated if we focus, if we desire just one thing if we desire the truth, if we desire realization. This will liberate us from all misery and pain.



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