Spirituality in Life: Why is Spirituality Important?

Atman in Ravi
2 min readOct 27, 2018

Why is Spirituality important? What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is everything to do with the Spirit, the Soul, the Atman or what in reality is the life energy within us. Why is that important? Because that is everything! If there is no life energy within us, then we are dead, then there is nothing. The only thing that truly exists is this life energy which is us, but which we don’t realize. We think that we are the body, we are the mind, when in reality we are the Spirit. Therefore, Spirituality is the study of the Spirit. It is being conscious of who we truly are. If we do not follow a life that is Spiritual or rather being that life energy, that Soul or the Atman, then we are living a life of illusion.

What is a Spiritual life? A Spiritual life is all about realizing the Spirit, whether it is through meditation or by following a religion. Spirituality is awakening the truth about the Spirit. One may read Spiritual books, one may have a Guru, a Master, one may listen to audios, videos, or browse the net for information, but for one’s Spiritual growth or evolution, one has to go on a quest or a search for Spiritual Enlightenment. One has to transcend the ego and the mind, because it is the ego and the mind that take us away from Spirituality.

People don’t know what Spiritualism is and why Spirituality is important, but they want to experience Spiritual awakening, they want to experience self-realization. We don’t know who we are, where we came from and where we will go. We don’t know who God is, where God is, what God is, but we know that God exists, that there is a power we call God. However, how many people really want to know God? How many of us are really making an attempt to know God? Yes, the world talks so much about positive thinking, Spirituality, Spiritual Enlightenment, but do we truly know the meaning of Spiritual Enlightenment?

What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Spiritual Enlightenment is the state of realization — when we realize we are not this body, we are not this mind, we are the divine Spirit, which is also the ultimate goal of life. This liberates us from suffering, from misery and pain. This liberates us from the cycle of death and rebirth, if ever there is. This whole world, this cosmos is nothing more than a cosmic drama. There are over 8 billion people on the stage we call earth, and we all come and go. However, we don’t realize who is managing the show, who is the producer-director of this show.

Spirituality will help us realize the truth. Therefore, we must bring Spirituality into our lives. Spirituality is the only solution to our unhappiness, it is critical for our well-being and peace. We are so caught in this world of illusions that we do not contemplate on the one thing that we must — the Spirit, the Life Energy, the Atman or the Soul!



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