What is our Purpose of Life on Earth?

Where do we come from? And where do we go?

Have you ever thought of it? You open the door and somebody enters. Where did they come from? Obviously, they came from somewhere. It can’t happen that they just appeared at the door. And if somebody leaves, then they are going somewhere. Such is the case with us. When we come to earth, we have come from somewhere, and when we depart, we go somewhere. But unfortunately, we don’t have time for these questions. Just because these answers are difficult, we don’t attempt to find the Truth. We live and die in ignorance. We are taught a lot of myth, and we do not discriminate and find the Truth. Therefore, most of us live and die without realizing where we came from and where we will go. We see death, and we know that death is certain and everybody has to die…. But who dies? And what happens after death? We say the person passed away and these are the mortal remains — the dead body of the person. But we stop there. We don’t know where that person went. We just say that he departed, he expired, he moved on, or he passed away, but then, we don’t try to find the answers. And when somebody is born, is it only because of the fusion of two cells? Is it just a biological, a chemical equation that created life? Then, we should be able to create life in a laboratory. Obviously, the life that is born has come from somewhere. That’s why a young child is sometimes able to play the piano without being taught and young little puppies are able to swim without knowing the techniques of how to swim. There seems to be something before birth and something after death. Isn’t it time to stop and find out where we have come from and where we will go?



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